Known issues that occur when you install update 2509553

Bitte beachten Sie, für dieses Update existiert keine deutsche Beschreibung.

Issue 1
Consider the following scenario:

  • You have Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006 installed on a remote access server (RAS) that is running Windows Server 2003.
  • You configure VPN remote client access by using ISA Server 2006.
  • You install the following update on the server: MS11-030
  • A user enters their username by using the user principal name (UPN) format to establish a VPN connection to the RAS. For example, the user enters as their username. In this situation, the RAS encounters a deadlock situation, and the user cannot establish the VPN connection. To recover from this issue, you have to restart the server.

Issue 2
After you install the update that is described in Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article 2509553 on a Windows Server 2003-based server, users experience slow network performance. This issue is caused by slow DNS name resolution.

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