Stabilitäts- und Leistungsupdate

Bitte beachten Sie, für dieses Update existiert keine deutsche Beschreibung.

Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft OneNote 2013. This update provides the latest fixes for the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of OneNote 2013. Additionally, this update contains stability and performance improvements.

Issues that this update fixes

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a OneNote notebook on a Microsoft SharePoint server.
  • You try to insert two or more files into a page in the notebook at the same time.
  • The total size of the files exceeds 8 MB.

In this scenario, you receive an "incomplete sync" error, and the files are not inserted into the notebook.

  • Assume that you upload files to a section of a OneNote notebook, and the upload involves multiple round trips. Then, a user changes some text in the same section of the notebook. After you synchronize the notebook, the change is not displayed in the notebook, or only part of the change is displayed.
  • Assume that two users (user A and user B) create a new section in a OneNote notebook at the same time. When user B synchronizes the notebook after user A synchronizes the notebook, user B receives the following error message: Hang on while this page syncs... We're waiting for another device to finish uploading your notes.
  • The translation of "Type" in the Finnish version of OneNote 2013 is incorrect.

Note: The word "Type" is located in the Tools group on the DRAW tab.

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