Stabilitäts- und Leistungsupdate

Bitte beachten Sie, für dieses Update existiert keine deutsche Beschreibung.

Issues that this update fixes and performance improvements that this update contains

  • After you install Office 2013, the product ID value that is displayed in the About dialog box is incorrect.
  • When you leave OneNote 2013 notebooks open for some time, OneNote 2013 crashes.
  • This update improves the scope of the Danish "Linguistic rule-based Critiques" patterns for the grammar checker in Office 2013. "Linguistic rule-based Critiques" patterns help the grammar checker detect grammatical errors and provide corrections.
  • Templates are not localized for some languages in OneNote 2013.
  • This update removes over 30 terms and adds over 170 terms to the Spanish spelling lexicon in the Spanish proofing tools.

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