Stabilitäts- und Leistungsupdate

Bitte beachten Sie, für dieses Update existiert keine deutsche Beschreibung.

Issues that this update fixes

  • When you try to start SkyDrive Pro, the application crashes.
  • Assume that you install the 32-bit version of SkyDrive Pro together with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2013, or you install 64-bit version of SkyDrive Pro together with 32-bit version of Office 2013.

In this situation, a dialog box that contains "Microsoft Groove 2013" is displayed incorrectly.

  • This update provides stability and performance improvements in SkyDrive Pro when users set up an initial sync or work with .ms-one-stub (Microsoft OneNote Stub) files.
  • When you use SkyDrive Pro to sync files through a slow Internet connection, SkyDrive Pro takes longer than expected to open a file that is already synced to your local disk.

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